Welcome! This blog is all about crafts, sloyd and green woodwork. About sustainable use of materials, locally produced handicraft, and especially about the joy of creating and deep love for the tree and the forest.
Everybody used to whittle and craft, out of fancy or everyday necessity. Everything was made by hand, for the simple reason that is was madness to buy something that you could make yourself. Today, the crafts have taken on new meaning. The act of creating with the help of an axe, a knife and green wood rather than buying something new is an act of resistance. For me it is a way to be personal and meandering, when so many things are streamlined and mass produced.

On this blog I want to share different handicraft projects, and give an insight into the process.

I prefer to work with green wood, freshly cut wood straight from the forest. I want to be part of the whole process, from the forest to the final product. The materials I use are mostly gathered from the area surrounding our home in Vreimsia, in Bö in Telemark. Hikes in the mountains and my home village of Rauland provide twisted and crooked mountain birch, another interesting material for woodwork. This offers a special intimacy with the materials and a sense of connectedness in our everyday life.

Living in Bö in Telemark. I am a mother, partner, handcrafter, teacher and 27 years old. Dreaming of building a workshop, with a wood burning stove, spaces for hosting courses and a gigantic kitchen garden right outside!

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